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How Waxed Floss Can Help with Flossing

There are many different types of dental floss that you can buy from your local store. Are you unsure of which type of floss is right for your teeth? There are a few things you can go by to determine which floss is right for your teeth and gums.

We are going to talk about how one certain type of floss may be the right floss for you. For many people, waxed floss is the ideal solution as it is easier for them to use and is typically more comfortable for them.

The Advantages of Flossing with Waxed Floss

Waxed floss is a common floss a lot of people use to floss their teeth with. This type of floss is covered in a slick coating that makes it easier to floss with.

The slick coating makes it a lot easier to move in between your teeth. This thick of a floss can also cause discomfort to some people depending on close their teeth are together.

It’s actually better to find out which floss is best for your teeth so you will not be in discomfort while flossing your teeth. Here are some pros about waxed floss? Waxed floss can make for a more pleasant flossing experience than what unwaxed floss can. The waxed floss is stronger than unwaxed floss.

If you have a few sharp teeth and or small spaces, it will not break like the unwaxed floss would. Some people don’t like the waxed floss so they stick with the unwaxed floss. But it actually depends on you; your teeth and which floss is most comfortable for you.

If you have any questions or concern about which floss is right for you, give us a call at our office and let us answer all your questions about waxed floss.

Dr. Calie Roa DMD

Dr. Roa is a family practice Dentist in Medford, OR. Every morning as her families leaves for their busy day she tells them "Be the best you can be!". Not only is this her wish for the members of her family, but also a standard she holds to herself. She loves Dentistry and is an active member on the American Dental Association, Southern Oregon Dental Association, serves as the vice chair to the New Dentist Council of the Oregon Dental Association and enjoys answering your everyday quirky questions that you just NEED to know!

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