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How Strawberries Help to Brighten Your Teeth

If you have been looking for ways of brightening your teeth, you may want to consider eating some foods that are known to brighten your teeth. Some foods are better at helping to brighten and whiten your teeth than others.

Strawberries are one of the better foods at brightening your teeth that most people are totally unaware of. Here are some of the benefits that come with eating strawberries.

Strawberries Are Really Good for Your Entire Body

Strawberries help your entire body since they are packed with nutrients that are difficult to find in foods outside of berries. However, the pulp of strawberries is also a great way to help brighten your smile. The enzymes help remove some of the surface stains on your teeth, especially when mixed with baking soda. Leaving the paste on your teeth for just a few minutes, then gently brushing it off can leave your smile brighter and whiter.

Other Foods That Help Brighten Your Teeth

Strawberries are not the only foods that can enhance your smile. Going with produce is usually a safe bet when you want a brighter smile. Eat some carrots and celery for your snacks, since they are good for you and help to whiten your teeth.

Make sure to add some nuts into the mix so your teeth get the scraping from chewing up those nuts. Plus, you should also eat apples on a regular basis since they not only provide healthy fiber, but they also help to scrape debris from your teeth as you chew them up.

If you want the brightest smile, then come in and see us for professional teeth whitening. That way, you get the look you want with results you can depend on. Call us today for more information!

Dr. Calie Roa DMD

Dr. Roa is a family practice Dentist in Medford, OR. Every morning as her families leaves for their busy day she tells them "Be the best you can be!". Not only is this her wish for the members of her family, but also a standard she holds to herself. She loves Dentistry and is an active member on the American Dental Association, Southern Oregon Dental Association, serves as the vice chair to the New Dentist Council of the Oregon Dental Association and enjoys answering your everyday quirky questions that you just NEED to know!

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