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East Main Dental Children’s Prevention Program

One of the most comprehensive prevention programs for children is now at East Main Dental Center

East Main Dental Center, one of the oldest and most established Dental Office in the Rogue Valley, offers a unique hygiene program for your children 1-12 years of age. By offering this program in our fun kids area, we hope to prevent unnecessary cavities, establish a positive relationship between your child and their Dentist and make each visit an enjoyable experience.

This program is aimed at teaching your child good dental hygiene habits from a young age. The continuous care your children receive during their development, may eliminate unnecessary decay and other oral health problems in the future.


Pediatric Dental Care:
Children 1 year of age:
Baby wellness exam
Happy dental visit with the Hygienist
Exam by the Dentist

No fluoride is typically applied at the age of 2

Children ages 3-5 years
Dental Cleaning
Exam by the Dentist
Fluoride treatment (recommended)
Oral Hygiene Instruction

Children ages 6+
Dental Cleaning
Exam by the Dentist
Fluoride treatment (recommended)
Wellness X-rays
Oral Hygiene Instruction

After the age of 12
Most children graduate to our Adult Hygiene program. The number
of visits per year can be flexible based on the need of your child. Again, our goal is to establish good oral hygiene habits through positive reinforcement, so that these habits will continue throughout their lifetime.

Your children’s cleanings can be scheduled around your appointments, to help save a little bit of time in your day.

To learn more about our Children’s Prevention Program, or to schedule an appointment please call us at (541) 773-3422.

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