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East Main Dental Center (EMDC), one of the oldest Dental practices in Southern Oregon, opened their doors in 1977. Through the years they have been a strong, active part if the Medford community, serving families and children with exceptional dental care.

The benefits of choosing our practice

The many benefits of choosing East Main Dental Center for your family's dental care needs include comfortable and anxiety free care, a ‘Decay Prevention’ program for children, detection and prevention for periodontal disease and 24 hour dental coverage care with our on-call doctors.

Our Dedicated Team

The dedicated and long serving staff members have been trained to provide knowledgeable insight into the many areas of dentistry that is offered and delivered to their patients. There is a strong emphasis on preventative care beginning at an early age (usually one years old), with the children’s centered prevention program. This program is a fun, interactive and kid friendly area which allows children to ease into a more fun filled dental experience.

Our Dental Team

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